Master in International Business & Sustainability

This programme is designed for students with an interest in international business sustainability.

Programme Overview

This programme is designed for individuals with an interest in sustainability within international business. 

On completion of this programme, you will have gained a clear understanding of the part business plays in identifying and managing the challenges of sustainability. You will identify and review the key stakeholders and the role they play in the organisation to guarantee the successful production of a sustainable business model.

You will be able to define sustainability and apply your knowledge to a range of actual issues within the workplace. You will gain a clear understanding of the theories of sustainability in the international business environment and be able to link this back to the basic factors that shape the prospects for sustainability such as market forces and key environmental issues.

You will understand the key concepts, definitions and theories of international business and be able to identify and use the correct analytical tools available to evaluate an organisation’s involvement in the international business environment. You will have a basic understanding of foreign trade and investment and the impact this has on the businesses taking into consideration any ethical implications.

  • Location

    London, United Kingdom

  • Duration

    1 year

  • Start Date

    October 2024

  • Application Deadline

    Open application

  • Language


  • Study Type

    On campus

  • Pace

    Full-time 12 months

  • Tuition Fees

    UK/EU: £8500
    Internationals: £12000

Programme leader

Andrew Went

Our flagship Master International Business and Sustainability course is an interdisciplinary programme which prepares students with a sound understanding of key business concepts, giving them the critical thinking and analytical skills needed to succeed in a global workplace.

Andrew Went


The course modules for the programme are listed below, culminating in an individual piece of research on an agreed subject of your choice relevant to the programme.

This module will focus on the main concepts and theories involved in international business. You will learn how to identify the primary areas of foreign trade and investments. Also, you will learn how to recognise any ethical situations that could negatively affect a global operation and you will gain strategic awareness of the demands of working on an international platform.

The aim of this module is to define the fundamentals of sustainable development and its link to actual issues and use theory to link the environment and society. You will evaluate key factors to measure sustainability and identify the various ways of planning and analysing results. As well as understand the main concepts and theories involved in ESG and international business.

The objective of this module is to demonstrate the relationship between an organisation, sustainability and the environment. You will review issues that have an impact on an organisation’s environmental policies, as well as understand the fundamental concepts to drive change in the business in line with the company’s beliefs regarding the environment and sustainability.

In this module, you will develop the skills required to manage an international business and discover the key traits of an international manager. You will also identify the main issues that can occur when managing a multinational business, develop problem-solving skills and understand ethical awareness of cross-culture in the workplace.

The aim of this module is to understand an organisation’s approach to international strategy, describe the characteristics of growth and diversification. The module also focuses on the threat of competition to an organisation and the strategy required to maintain a competitive advantage. You will identify the main characteristics needed by an international business to implement a strategy on ethical conduct.

Companies often rely on research-based information to make decisions. In order to use research material efficiently and to ensure that any decision is made on the basis of soundly based research findings, it is necessary to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the methods and techniques used to collect and analyse this information. There are many approaches to conducting research that vary in terms of the types of questions they seek to answer and the methods used to provide answers explored in this module.

Trip to Shanghai (China)

China’s economy became the only major economy to report positive GDP growth in 2020. In 2021, the country is changed its domestic industrial structure to bring potential opportunities, including new technological revolutions and new energy sources. 

During the programme, you will travel to Shanghai to learn about China’s economy and how the country succeeded to develop a strong place in the global trade sphere. You will have the opportunity to explore the city, work on a project, visit companies, attend trade fairs and conferences.

Impact Paid internship

With the ‘impact internship’ students will have the opportunity to complete a paid placement within a company.

This will allow you to work full-time in an organisation of your choice. The internship will last 6 months for a minimum of 25 hours a week.

This is your chance to gain experience alongside your studies, earn credits for your achievements, and stand out on the job market. At the end of your placement, you will have to write a report.

Entry requirements

At King Stage, we seek individuals with intellectual curiosity and a strong desire to contribute. To ensure your success with us, here are the following entry criteria we look at:
You will be required to provide an internationally recognised qualification: a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
If you are a mature applicant, you will be considered for entry if you can demonstrate a minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience, and have A Levels/IB or equivalent.
Non-native speakers must provide proof of their proficiency in English. We require an IETLS score of at least 6.0/B2 equivalent in TOEFL. Alternatively, we can provide you with an English Language Level Test to confirm your level.

Careers in International Business & Sustainability

This course will allow you to help organisations solve any issues and provide advice on growing revenues and improving business performance through ethical and sustainable strategic decisions. 

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2023 has recently unveiled fresh LinkedIn data, indicating that the recruitment of individuals for environmentally focused positions has consistently exceeded the global hiring rate for four consecutive years. In today’s increasingly competitive job market, green jobs have emerged as a reliable option, with professions such as sustainability analysts, sustainability specialists, and sustainability managers consistently making appearances on LinkedIn’s globally recognized lists of rapidly expanding job roles over the past four years.

Roles after completion of the programme:

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We may consider candidates from a non-traditional academic background, on the basis of relevant work experience (minimum 2 years). After a review of your application and an interview, we will be able to confirm your eligibility for our programme.

We offer a variety of bursaries, each with a unique eligibility criteria. Candidates who submit an application on time and receive an offer for our programmes can be considered for King Stage bursaries. Please visit our financial support page for more details. Students can also apply for scholarships directly on external websites.