International Students

Studying in the UK is your chance to obtain a globally recognised degree, learn from world-renowned academics and benefit from a culturally diverse environment.

At King Stage Business School, we prepare you to launch your career by providing a supportive, creative, and professional environment from which to learn practical skills and build a network of industry contacts.

Unlock the power of London

London is one of the world’s most iconic cities for students. With a global reputation for business and creativity, it is proven to be the perfect place to take your career to the next level.

London for Students

London came first in the 2019 QS Best Student Cities Index, thanks to its concentration of world-class universities, professional and social opportunities and extraordinary cultural diversity.

A global leader

London is home to more global and regional headquarters than anywhere else in Europe. 40% of the world’s top 250 companies have their headquarters in London. Being at the centre of the time zone map, London’s office hours overlap with 99% of global business activity.

Innovation hub

This is a city of ideas. London boasts the continent’s largest startup community, giving you access to a huge network of entrepreneurs and business leaders. Britain’s technology startup sector is booming. Over 10,000 new tech companies were incorporated in the UK in 2017, with more than 40% in London (Forbes, 2018).

London is open

With over 300 languages spoken and 37% of residents born outside the UK, London is a whole world in one city. Whether it’s food, entertainment, or opinions, the diversity is unrivalled and invigorating.

An enduring attraction

More than 19 million international visitors flocked to London in 2017. Our city is home to four UNESCO World Heritage sites, 173 museums, 857 art galleries and over 100 theatres.

Do you have more questions?

Visa UK

As an institution, we embrace diversity. Whatever your background may be, we believe that anyone with passion and motivation is capable of accomplishing great things.

Your journey as an international student starts here and we would like to congratulate you on having made the bold decision to move to London and study abroad.

We understand as an international student applying to study in the UK can be a daunting and challenging task. We are here to guide you through your application to make it as easy as possible.

Check if you need a visa to study in the UK

Depending on your country of origin, visa regulations may differ. We advise you do the test on the UK government website to check whether you need a visa and what type of visa. 

King Stage only offers the possibility to apply for the Standard visitor visa. Please note that King Stage does not offer the Student visa (tier 4).

Standard Visitor Visa

If you need a Standard Visitor visa, you must apply online before you travel to the UK and attend an appointment at a visa application centre.

This visa category imposes some restrictions and conditions while you are in the UK:

Application requirements

Make sure to read the list carefully so that you are fully compliant.

Financial evidence

Make sure to read the list carefully so that you are fully compliant.

Application process

You need to apply online from outside of the UK via the UK Government website. When asked to ‘Confirm your visa type’ make sure you select ‘Standard visitor visa”.

What happens next?

After you have paid to submit your visa application online you may need to book an appointment at a Visa Application Centre (VAC) and upload copies of your documents. 

At your appointment, you will also need to provide your biometrics. To provide these you will need to:

The next correspondence you receive should be your visa application decision. 

The standard visa processing time for applications made outside of the UK is 15 working days from when you attend your biometric appointment. You should allow a week for your passport to be endorsed with an entry vignette (visa sticker), and you must travel to the UK during the validity of the vignette.

After you have arrived in the UK you will need to pick up your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from the location on your visa decision letter.

If your visa application is refused, make sure you contact King Stage and supply a copy of the visa refusal letter. For further information, please contact us at

Temporary work GAE (Government Authorised Exchange) visa

To complete an internship in the UK, you will need to apply for a Temporary work GAE (Government Authorised Exchange) visa.

The initial requirements for you to be able to apply are the following:

– Have a sponsor (our partner)
– Meet the eligibility criteria
– Have a paid or unpaid internship placement offer from a UK company

Further information will be provided to you throughout your programme.


Discover the perks of studying with us

  • Be ready without spending a penny

    If you are a non-native speaker, you can take advantage of free English courses lasting for up to 20 hours to help you prepare for your academic year and build confidence in your ability to communicate and write in English.

  • Guided tour

    During your first week on campus, we will take you on a guided tour around Greenwich so you can make the most of your new environment.

  • International Connects

    Every month you will have the opportunity to connect with other international students to exchange and share your experience of living in London.

  • Access to Students’ Union

    Take part in social activities and improve your integration.

  • Financial support

    We offer various bursaries to help you fund your studies.