The institute

The institute of sustainability and innovation (ISI) is formed of the incubator and the sustainability and innovation research lab.

A place where students, established companies and start-ups meet to create and develop solutions to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

The ISI incubator

The incubator is where graduates, start-ups and growing businesses work and create at the heart of a dynamic new innovative and sustainable project.

The incubator is a co-working space aiming to support graduates and start-ups to gain access to mentors, investors, network events and commercial partnerships.

The incubator is also for tailor made training, exchange and work experience.

The ISI research lab

The sustainability and innovation research lab embraces innovation to make an educational and social impact. 

The mission of the research lab is to research and create publications related to sustainability and innovation in business. The global objective is to keep the Institute and King Stage competitive on multiple levels, including:

  • Collaborating with our industry partners to ensure continuous innovation
  • Contributing to making an impact on our community
  • Contributing to policy