Financial support

Education is one of the most important, life-enhancing investments that you will ever make.

King Stage bursaries

There are five options for bursaries, check below to confirm your eligibility. We offer up to 10 bursaries distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Low-income bursary

Are you a talented and ambitious individual with the determination and drive to progress up the social ladder? Our Low-Income bursary is your opportunity to get financial support and reach your full potential.

Eligibility criteria

If so, then you may be eligible for a Low-Income Bursary Award of £2,000.

Women in entrepreneurship bursary

Are you a female aspiring to become an entrepreneur to make you mark on the world? Then, this may be the bursary for you.

Eligibility criteria

If so, then you may be eligible for the Women in Entrepreneurship bursary award of £1,000.

High-skilled bursary

Do you have an outstanding academic record or are you a recognised professional in your field? At King Stage, we believe hard-work and talent should be rewarded.

Eligibility criteria

If so, then you may be eligible for a High-Skilled Bursary Award of £1,000.

Women in Tech bursary

Women should always feel like they have a place in the technology industry. We provide this bursary to encourage you to make the step towards your desired career.

Eligibility criteria

If so, then you may be eligible for the Women in Technology bursary award of £1,000.

International Talent Bursary

King Stage is proud to boast an expansive range of graduates from a wide range of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

With the International talent bursary, we are looking to support bright minds in developing their skills in different cultural environments.

Eligibility criteria

How Can I Apply for a Bursary?

There are 5 simple steps that prospective candidates must complete in order to receive one of our bursaries.

  1. You went through our admission process and have secured your place
  2. You have checked that you are entitled to get one of our bursary schemes
  3. Email our admissions team to express your interest in receiving a bursary 
  4. Our committee will review your application and make a decision
  5. The decision will be shared with you up to 6 weeks following your application


Student loans are another option available to prospective students looking for financial support. This option allows you to study and start repaying the loan once you have started working.

The application and decision-making process for external financial support is a separate organisation from King Stage. Unfortunately, we have no control over the outcome of your application.

Scholarships and Additional Financial Support:

If you were unable to submit your application don’t worry, there are still a range of options avaliable to you.

There are many different scholarships available depending on your circumstances. If you meet the criteria for a particular scholarship, then apply directly on their website.

Here is a non-exhaustive list to get you started: