King Stage Business School plays an important role in tackling the challenges caused by climate issues.

Let’s make the change together

The aim of the institution is to shape the next generation of game-changers to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

As the first UK Business School specialising in sustainability and innovation, King Stage seeks to assist new entrepreneurs, projects and research to support the institution on finding solutions for greener and fairer world.

When you make a gift in support of King Stage’s values, you help ensure that an inclusive, positive mindset prevails in business and society.

A force for good

During these challenging times, we must remain focused on our priorities: to deliver an excellent academic experience for our students and safeguard our school for future development.

By supporting our immediate needs during the academic year, your donation will sustain vital programmes and finance emerging opportunities.

Other essential aims of this fundraising initiative is to provide financial support to our students, launch innovative research, deliver an exceptional experience in the classroom and beyond, and develop the world’s next generation of game-changers to tackle the challenges of climate change. 

As King Stage Business School navigates the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, this funding is more important than ever and every donation makes a difference. Your donation, regardless of the amount, can inspire others and contribute to our collective goal. 

With your help, we can guarantee to make an impact in the foreseeable future by educating the next generation and unlocking the school’s cutting-edge research institute in sustainability and innovation that will be more crucial than ever in a new and uncertain world. Join us to make the change together! 

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"An inclusive positive mindset prevails in business and society."

How will we use the funds?

Research and programmes

Research and programmes are at the intersection of ‘Business and Society’ and will address how organisations can better align with the goals of transitioning to more sustainable products and services.

The new Institute of sustainability and innovation will lead in developing research, teaching, developing partnerships and programmes that deliver business value with a positive societal change. The Institute will address how organisations can more attuned to the goals of our society and work in the service of the greater good. We need computers, softwares and the latest equipment to support our research department and bring a new solution to the table. As a UK institution, we have the ambition to lead the world’s climate research. Therefore, our objective is to raise 2 million GBP for our research department.


Our scholarships promote geographic, socio-economic and gender diversity. They also ensure that highly qualified students from around the globe can access our programmes, regardless of their financial situation. We are looking for 50 scholarships per year to support our students.

The tuition fees vary from £8500 to £12500 per year. Your support will help many students join our mission of saving our planet.

Many of our accepted applicants receive attractive offers from other top-tier business schools, and scholarships play a critical role in bringing the best students to King Stage.


To remain at the forefront of innovation, King Stage must continue to design new learning opportunities, pursue digital transformation and build on our strengths in entrepreneurship.

When you invest in King Stage Business School, you embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that leads our school.

As digital transformation unleashes new and exciting possibilities, King Stage is keen on offering sustainable solutions and strategies that will help businesses thrive in the digital era. By donating, you will help us create the most innovative institute for sustainability which will be working on developing the best projects and working with enterprises to support our sustainable and innovative projects. We are looking for 1 million GBP to support our innovative hub.

Who is leading the fundraising?