Sustainable finance short programme

This programme is designed for financial and banking institutions looking to upskill their employees in sustainability.

Programme Overview

The programme has been designed and developed by King Stage Business School in partnership with the London Institute of Banking and Finance, as an introduction to sustainable finance for a wide range of professionals, for example: junior, middle managers and top executives working in financial institutions (banks and non-banks) who need to understand how sustainability, the environment, and climate change relate to finance and investment; regulators, and central bankers working to develop policies that can foster the development of sustainable finance; philanthropic funders looking to navigate sustainable finance topics so as to support the most impactful activities; and company directors or trustees who want to understand how sustainable finance relates to their fiduciary duties.

Sustainable finance rewards those who perform well on ESG factors, which signal a more robust and sustainable business. Sustainable finance enables lenders to comply with regulations while offering new products and solutions for customers and investors, and it gives more options to borrowers.

Programme participants will engage critically with systems and theories in sustainable finance and investment such as: ESG strategies, climate finance, green banking products such as green bonds, financial inclusion, public-private partnerships, sustainability reporting, the role of regulators in sustainable finance, responsible investment, and international frameworks and guidelines for sustainable finance.

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    5 Days

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    Study tour

Programme leader

Perihan Abdelghaly

Over five days, you will learn about the pressures and trends affecting the current financial system and investigate the strategic implications of these environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges.

Perihan Abdelghaly


The course modules for the programme are listed below, culminating in an individual piece of research on an agreed subject of your choice relevant to the programme.

  • Introduction to sustainability
  • Building Synergies/Partnerships for SDGs
  • Best Practices in SF-Similar context
  • Climate Finance/Financing Energy and Waste Recycling Projects
  • ESG Integration into project lending operations
  • ESG Reporting/Strategy
  • ESG data providers and methodologies (e.g.REpRisk,MSCI,Sustainanalytics,Refinitiv,
    Bloomberg, ect.)
  • Green banking products (green loans, green investments and green bonds)
  • Measuring Carbon Footprint
  • NetZero/Energy Efficiency Strategy
  • The Role of Regulators in Sustainable Finance
  • Sustainability committee/Injecting Talent
  • Financial Inclusion(including technological solutions)
  • International Frameworks(EP,TCFD,UNEPFI,SASB,GRI,PRB)

  • Good proficiency in English,written and spoken
  • An understanding of the banking sector
  • Ability to engage in a dynamic class and contribute to assignments in small groups
  • Ability to complete exercises and fill-in templates
  • Motivation to lead the transformation towards sustainable finance
  • Team player

  • Financial sector: junior, middle, and senior-level managers in banking and finance
  • Expert consultants engaged in clean energy, climate finance, ESG strategy, reporting, investment, sustainability, and corporate communications
  • Financial sector regulators, i.e CBE and FRA candidates
  • Consultants (sustainability,SMEs, clean energy, finance, green investment, governance)
  • Academics

Study Tour

The study tour will focus on knowledge exchange and networking for participants of the programme.

It will offer an opportunity to hear about the work of other institutions when it comes to implementing sustainability in practice, how Net Zero pledges are implemented internally, how NGFS (Network for Greening the Financial System) operates, and what its insights have been thus far.
The three-day visit will include:
Tour extra

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