Who we are

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi

Over the last few decades, the world has gone through a succession of changes that have led to a lot of challenges. These periods are often a great opportunity to reflect and design a new horizon to continue thriving, developing, and evolving. 

From this perspective, we have dedicated our energy to developing ambitious programmes that will benefit the next generation of talent and empower them to shape a bright and sustainable future for all.

King Stage is at the intersection of business and education. We have supported thousands of domestic and international students to kick-start their career and raised about 3,000 students from Bachelor to Master levels.

Our student recruitment expertise coupled with our experience in nurturing students through education give us a very unique ability to create programmes that are relevant to business needs and secure a place for our students in an increasingly competitive job market.

Because we cultivate difference, focus on values and address tomorrow’s challenges, we believe that studying with us is your chance to succeed and make an impact.

We look forward to welcoming you to start your own journey.

Kady Doumbia

Kady Doumbia

Director of King Stage

Our advisory board

The advisory board’s mission is to maintain the level of academic excellence, and to guide the future developments of the institution. A global review is held twice a year to discuss the strategy and direction of the school.

Phillip Ward

Chairman of the advisory board and Sustainability Network Lead, RSA

Mohamad Kantar

Managing Director, Kantar Advisory Partners Ltd

Marten Möller

ESG Manager, Algbra

Atam Sandhu

CEO, DMA Invest, Frontier and Emerging Markets


Matthew Anderson

Managing Director, TVET UK

Our experts committee

The experts committee work on sustainable solutions to support the learning experience of our students and asist companies towards the transition to more sustainable business.

Andrew Paizes

Head of the Institute


Oliver Milliner

Head of Sustainability at Falmouth Exeter Plus

Ashley Tamburello

Co-Head of Education and learning at EIT Climate KIC

Adedayo Adegbayibi

Head of Sustainability at NHS

Bobby Modler

Co-Environmental lead at Delta Capita

Our Core Team

A dedicated team with a common objective to reinvent education and empower the next generation to make a significant impact.

Olian Dura



Simrat Bhangoo

Academic lead

profile-pic (10)

Jeremie Aubert

Marketing manager


Ella Estime

Student administration

PHOTO-2022-03-15-15-17-29 2

Roberta Tolu

HR and compliance manager

Our Story

  • 2021

    Launch of King Stage business school

  • 2019

    Partnership with ACE Education Group

  • 2018

    UK degree pathway accredited by NCC

  • 2014

    Offering English courses & career management programmes

  • 2010

    Reached out to overseas students

  • 2009

    Launch of King Stage, student placement specialist


King Stage benefits from British and internationally recognised accreditations.

Our Purpose

We aim to teach the next generation to make the world a better place because we believe in the power of education to transform business and society.

Mission &

We inspire brilliant minds from all over the world to make an impact in society. We aim to support the new generation of professionals with strong values to make decisions based on what matters.

Our Values



Innovation is one of our top priorities, providing a world-class experience and creating an environment perfect for growth.

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We are driven by excellence. We deliver high quality programmes that are continuously updated to reflect the evolution of the industry. As an organisation, we review and improve our system, methodology and personnel.

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We have a genuine passion for education; this is why we are energetic and always have a positive attitude towards our students and their learning process.

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We welcome and promote diversity as a means of personal, professional and social development. Our team is formed of people from diverse, cultural, and academic backgrounds.

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We take pride in developing deep and prosperous working relationships with all our colleagues, employees, sponsors, clients and partners.

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A Force for Good

A Force for Good

We actively support the transition towards a more sustainable and fairer world. We encourage and enhance a student’s ability to make a difference.

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