Covid 19 updates

We are dedicated to supporting students in case of travel or course disruptions and following government guidelines regarding Covid-19. Here are some guidances about the measures we are taking.

Course delivery

Courses may be switched from face-to-face to online. If this happens, we will ensure a smooth transition for all students. We use a Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) to deliver online lessons, our lecturers are regularly trained.

Staff, lecturer and student safety

In the event of the deterioration of the Covid situation in the UK and in line with Government guidelines, we may take the following measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and for everyone’s safety:
  • Students feeling unwell are asked to stay home and book a test
  • On-campus, we may make face-covering mandatory temporarily
  • Cleaning and regular ventilation of the classrooms

Travelling and international Students

In case of travel restrictions, Study Trips may be suspended and replaced by online workshops and events.

International students will be able to travel back home if allowed by the authorities to follow courses online. Alternatively, they will be able to remain in the UK.

All content related to Covid-19 is updated on a regular basis to ensure accuracy of information. For more details, please check our Covid-19 policy.