Introductory Courses Overview

King Stage Introductory Courses are designed for prospective Master students who want a taste of a programme and to get familiar with our teaching approach.

Global Introduction

Our Introductory programmes consist of a week of intensive online courses to give you a glimpse of what to expect from your chosen Master’s. 

It will be an opportunity for you to gain exposure through case studies and research which will allow you to explore and discuss complex, real-life issues with lecturers and industry experts. Group work with international team members will foster an understanding of issues from diverse perspectives and cultures which will help you develop your interpersonal skills.

At the end of the programme, students will present a final project and will receive a certificate and extra 7 academic credits.

Benefits of joining the course:

Participants can select one programme per session and up to two during the year.
 Foundations of International Business and Sustainability9th January 2023 – Online4th April 2022 – Online4th July 2022 – Online
 Introduction to Digital Marketing and Ethical Branding9th January 2023 – Online4th April 2022  – Online4th July 2022  – Online
 Principles of Data Science9th January 2023 – Online4th April 2022 – Online4th July 2022 – Online
 Fundamentals of Hospitality Management and Eco-Tourism9th January 2023 – Online4th April 2022 – Online4th July 2022 – Online
 Fundamentals of Innovative Entrepreneurship9th January 2023 – Online4th April 2022 – Online4th July 2022 – Online

Do you have more questions?

  • Study session
  • Learning by doing session
  • Workshops & Gamification
  • Welcome event
  • Induction session
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Guest speakers
  • Mindfulness session
  • Conferences

Programme Weekly Timetable

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Welcome / induction session Study session Mindfulness session Study Session Project presentation
Afternoon Study session Business project Self-study Guest speakers Graduation session
The programme will take place in a distance learning capacity – participants should plan for remote classroom sessions between 8 am and 7 pm (GMT) Monday to Friday. All course recordings will be made available to best accommodate participants in different time zones. More details regarding logistics will be provided prior to programme start. Participants will have the opportunity to work both individually and as part of teams during the programme.