Fundamentals of Innovative Entrepreneurship

Fundamentals of Innovative Entrepreneurship

Course Aims

During this week with King Stage, participants will discover the fundamentals of Innovative Entrepreneurship, ranging from the skills required, methods applied, and tools used, to move from an idea to a startup project. The dynamic learning approach includes a learning-by-doing pedagogy with a conceptual contribution, thanks to class sessions with inspiring examples shared through testimonies and team workshops.

Course Overview

Digital innovation is changing our way of life, our social relations, and the economy at an ever-increasing pace. It is now at the heart of the dynamics of business creation and industry transformation. The Innovative Entrepreneurship Short programme is designed for students around the world who have the following: 

  • A curiosity for new business models
  • Aspirations to work in a group to see and imagine the value proposition of a business project
  • A desire to be innovative and challenge themselves

The objective of this programme is to immerse participants into the two essential dimensions of innovation: start-up entrepreneurship and industrial transformation. Indeed, digital tools are transforming the way a business project is developed. The phases of understanding the market, identifying user problems, ideation, testing a new offer have been profoundly modified thanks to the new approaches and digital tools now available.

Why This Programme

  • Accessible to students of all backgrounds who wish to learn more about entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with diverse peers as part of student workgroups
  • Real-life experience: opportunity to present your project to renowned professionals
  • UK institution certificate
  • Students will be able to practice and improve their English language

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this programme, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Understand the digital revolution and why it promotes start-up entrepreneurship
  • Assimilate the fundamentals of the entrepreneurial approach and its mindset
  • Understand the successive steps of any entrepreneurial project: market, concept, Client experience etc.
  • Identify and use the right tools to design and test an innovative project
  • Understand digital technology and innovation, digital transformation in the industry and the key challenges of digital projects
  • Identify and use qualitative and quantitative tools to support business analysis


Participants will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Group work exercises
  • A business plan and a presentation


Innovative Entrepreneurship

09.00 am
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