A Guide to Successfully Transition to Sustainability

A step-by-step guide for an organisation to adopt in order to comprehensively address its environmental, social and economic impact (ESG) areas.

  • How does an organisation identify its key environmental, social and economic impact areas?
  • How would they then develop a strategy that sets out a series of objectives within its internal and external operations to solve these issues whilst achieving continuous improvement?

Written in collaboration with sustainability specialists, this is the first publication King Stage Business School has issued for the business sector and its student cohort to understand the complex transition process towards sustainability.

Why is this important?

Every sector across the world is quickly having to innovate and transition towards more sustainable methods of operating to ensure global temperatures and natural habitats can be sustained for future generations.

Sustainability can be seen as an umbrella concept to help understand a myriad of challenges and opportunities. Drawing upon global standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), these guidelines can provide us with an effective framework to make sense of and establish a structure for the numerous tasks ahead.