MSc Digital Marketing & Data Analytics

MSc Digital Marketing & Data Analytics

Programme Overview

Organisations are looking to evaluate their performances using web analytics to understand the impact of their marketing campaign and consumer behaviour.

This programme is designed for students with an interest in digital marketing and data analytics.
The course will review contemporary digital marketing strategies, including the latest leading-edge developments and industry best practice, to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of an innovative marketing approach.

The MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to work in a range of roles in your chosen sector; it is intended that this programme will give you the key skills required to succeed and understand how to gain a competitive edge in the complex and
rapidly evolving digital economy.

The course will be taught by an academic team with a strong background in digital marketing and data analytics. The course will underpin your knowledge with the relevant theories relating to the subject area. The programme aims to enable the student to develop a practical and critical understanding of digital marketing and data analysis in the modern day business environment. At the
end of the programme the student will have the knowledge and understanding of the key concepts and theories in the subject area to allow them to have an active role in their chosen industry.

The course modules for the programme are listed below, culminating in an individual piece of research on an agreed subject of your choice relevant to the programme.

  • Research Methods
  • Principles of Data Analytics
  • Introduction to Data Mining and Data Driven Marketing
  • Impact of Digital Marketing and Data Analytics Within an Organisation
  • Data Regulation and CSR
  • Database System Development? (software for data analytics)
  • Dissertation

Career in digital marketing and data analytics

    You will be working in the analytics department and your key role is to ensure the business succeeds online. Digital marketing analysts are responsible for analyzing statistics from different marketing platforms using different tools to look for ways that the company can improve its online marketing efforts and strategies.

    Role after completion of the Masters

    • Data Analyst
    • Customer Marketing
    • Internet marketing
    • Online advertising
    • Project and marketing management
    • Digital marketing manager
    • Social media manager/Community manager
    • Content marketer
    • Digital project manager
    • Insight manager

Innovation in student careers

    Because students’ careers are one of our priorities, at King Stage, we have developed an innovative career programme for our students.
    Each student enrolling in our Master courses will be introduced to a company for career-related advice/ purposes? at the start of the academic year. Partners, start-ups and large companies are selected based on the career field chosen by the student and will be supporting students while they study with us for a ?reallife? consultancy project and work experience. Students will be assigned a project in collaboration with the selected organisation.
    Students can also find their company outside of King Stage’s network. the network of King Stage.

    How does it work?

    1. Once you start your programme, King Stage will introduce you to our partner companies.
    2. We will organise an interview meeting with selected companies to further discuss your project and motivation.
    3. Once you and the company agree to collaborate, together, King Stage, the company and you, create and define your project for the academic year.
    4. On the completion of your Master’s, your company might offer you work experience.

Work-related project

Professional activity

The module enables students to undertake a short period of professional activity, with a business or community organisation and to gain credit for their achievements. The activity can be a volunteering activity, employment activity, placement or business start-up activity.

It is expected that students should work for 200 hours which should be recorded clearly in the portfolio. The 200 hours can be completed full-time or spread over a semester on a part-time basis.

Practical information


London, United Kingdom


12 or 18 months

Start date

October 2021 and March 2022

Application deadline

Open application



Study type

Hybrid: online + on
Full Online study
option is possible


Full-time 12 months / Part-time 18 months


£8500 per year
£12000 per year
Full Online tuition:
£8500 per year

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