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Marketing Assistant Position

Industry: Marketing, Advertising, PR

Location: London

Duration: From 6th August ( 12 weeks minimum periods)

Remuneration: N/A

Job Description:

At Oxxygen we value young people starting out in the industry, which is why we offer internship programs in business and marketing-related fields throughout the year. Oxxygen’s internships program has won the internship award from Internship in London and was voted as one of the best companies for internships in surveys conducted by students from Syracuse University.

As an intern here, you’ll be given an opportunity to put into practice knowledge acquired during studies and experience a real business environment. You’ll be treated as an integral member of our team so you’ll take part in real projects, real decisions and contribute to real meetings. We’ll make sure you develop the skills you need to succeed.


Duties and responsibilities:

– Market research & analysis – companies, competitors, market

– Manage update of industry-specific data tracking and reporting

– Preparation of collateral for presentations, pitches, proposals and briefs

– Direct involvement in PR campaigns

– Close involvement in strategic initiatives

– Business development activities

– Reviewing new contracts and business proposals

– Attend and actively participate in prospecting meetings

– Maintenance of contactsdatabase

– Drive & maintain social media

– Financial Management

Essential Requirements:

-ex. Knowle Excellent written and verbal English

- Strong web skills

- Ambition and individual initiative

- Good communication and relational skills

- Ability to work independently or within a team

- Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and IT platforms

- A positive attitude and willingness to learn and develop are a must

- Undergraduate

- Recent Graduates

- Masters Degree

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