Finding Internship + Accommodation

At King Stage, we believe that your internship is an essential step for your professional project and your future career.

This is why we carefully select the companies and internship offers according to your needs and expectations.

The “internship+accommodation” package includes

  •     An internship related to your field of studies
  •     An accommodation according to your budget
  •     Follow up during the internship period


By selecting our ‘Internship + accommodation’ package we offer you the choice of accommodation within our network of houses and flats.Our close relationship with local landlords enables us to supply the best housing below the market prices.

We offer quality rooms carefully selected on a strict criteria, depending on your needs and budget.Single and double bedrooms are proposed in shared accommodation, which are cost effective and help for further cultural immersion.

Please contact us on +4402086946165 for our prices and more information about services.

Our Partners
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