Level 4 Diploma in Business (L4DB)

The Level 4 Diploma in Business makes up the first year of the Business Degree journey at King Stage. The qualification is equivalent to the first year of a business degree in the UK university system.

Students will be introduced to the many different aspects of international business in today’s world. Embarking on the qualification they will be exposed to both academic and vocational aspects of a wide range of subjects, enabling them to gain the necessary knowledge and skills vital for a career in business or further studies.

If you have a positive vision of the future, want to lead innovation and do business better – either across organisation or for your own startup – then this Sustainability and Business courses is ideal for you.

On successful completion of the qualification students will be able to continue their studies on the Level 5 Diploma in Business (RQF) (L5DB) or at a UK university, or work in one of the many areas of the business world.


The NCC EducationLevel 4 and Level 5 Diploma in Business Courses are very applicable to the industry…
The opportunities, honesty, are endless


Ada Rhodes
Level 4 and 5 Diploma in Business
BA in Business Management

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