Why a degree apprenticeship is the way forward

Learn more about degree apprenticeships, including entry requirements.

The Government's Office for Students website offers information and advice about degree apprenticeships for students, prospects and companies willing to hire.

King Stage will support you in your search for an ideal apprenticeship. You can also find more vacancies on the Office for Students website which is associated with Gov UK by clicking here.

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Companies, universities and the government have combined efforts to develop degree apprenticeships. Therefore, you are guaranteed to learn the most industry skills demand of the future.
Anyone over 18 can join, so if you are welcome to apply if you've just finished your secondary education or are already well established in your career. Your tuition fees will be covered by the government and your employer, which means you won’t have to take out a loan to cover the course costs.
Degree apprenticeships can last for 1–5 years depending on the qualification you are after. You'll usually go to university once a week for about 30 weeks every year. During the time you are not in class you will still spend 20% of your time learning in a practical way.

Getting a new job

If you’re not employed full-time or working for an employer that can cover the fees and support your degree apprenticeship, you'll have to find a company that provides that. We will assist you by offering a list of companies that hire apprentices.

You'll go through their standard recruitment process and we'll assess your academic suitability for the course once you've applied.

Applying through your current employer

If you’re a full-time worker and would like to do a degree apprenticeship with your current company, ask them to complete our enquiry form so we can explain to them what how we can start a partnership.
The first thing we’ll do is talk to your your employer about your academic suitability for the course you want to do. When we receive a confirmation that we can support you in your studies, we'll ask you to complete an application form so we can further analyse your academic and professional suitability for the course.

Getting paid

The starting salary for degree apprenticeships range from £12,000–£18,000 a year. The employer may set the amount, but the legal requirement is that apprentices earn at least the minimum wage.

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