At King Stage we believe every organisation is different and so is each student; that is why we evaluate our clients’ individual needs to provide tailored solutions and ensure satisfaction for both parties.

Based in the City of London, our multicultural team is made of professional education and career consultants which are specialised in identifying clients’ needs and meeting them with the highest quality service.

As an intermediary between students and companies, our clients are:

  • Organisations which need dynamic and qualified interns to work on short-term projects, or simply seeking fresh talents to join them for long-term contracts.
  • Penultimate-year European students looking for work experiences.
  • Recent graduates are eager to start their career and secure a job amid this competitive job market.

Each applicant's profile is rigorously screened by our experienced recruitment team to make sure they meet suitability and quality standards. Then we match companies with a selection of the most suitable profiles.

Our English Courses

We offer a range of full and part-time English courses to suit all skill levels and durations; so whether you’re a beginner looking to build your skills up or you’re an advanced learner, we have something to offer you.
All our courses include a language placement assessment and a personalised assessment, a certificate of achievement.
Our Schools are academically accredited to guarantee a fast improvement of your command of the English Language.


5 Reasons to work with King Stage

  • Dedicated service
  • Straightforward solutions
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable
  • Multicultural approach

King Stage in figures

  • Presence in over 10 European countries
  • Over 600 career opportunities a year
  • Over 1000 placement made since 2009

How we work

Internship Process

  1. CV or Video CV
  2. 1st Phone Interview
  3. Send CV to Companies
  4. Start Internship
  5. Accommodation via our partners (if requested)


English Courses

  • Improve your English with our English Courses
  • Our courses are academically recognised to guarantee a fast improvement of your command of the English Language
Our Partners