What We Offer

1. Degree Pathway

We offer degree pathway in London. The British Degree courses at King Stage are accredited by Glyndwr University of Wales. Our short courses are accredited by NCC Education.
Our students learn what shapes the relationships between business and society, and how individuals and organisations can address social and global issues by means of creating and developing new businesses and innovation. Our students are constantly in contact with businesses.

2. Internship

We work directly with companies based in the UK. In addition, as a member of the European Chambers of Commerce, we work with companies in Italy, France and Spain. We identify the most suitable and motivated candidates to help project development in these companies.

Internship Process:

  1. CV or Video CV
  2. 1st Interview
  3. Send CV to Companies
  4. Start Internship

3. Our English Courses

We offer in-company part-time and full-time English courses to students from elementary to upper-intermediate level. All our courses include an individual assessment and a certificate of achievement. Our English courses aim at improving students' confidence, enhancing  their communication skills and allowing you to easily access job opportunities in their industry.

Our Partners
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